RADEX MR107+ Advanced Radon Gas Detector for Homes

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Radex RD1212-BT Summary:

Best portable, Geiger Counter available.
Easy to read screen with Backlight
Audio and / or Vibrate Alarm,
( Vibrate Mode is absolutely essential for everyday Indiscreet carry ).
Selectable readings:
CPM ( Counts per Minute )
When measuring in MicroSiverts or MicroRems if the reading is over 1,000 the display automatically switches to MilliSiverts or MilliRems. If measuring in CPM the display switches to times 1000.
There is an Alarm Threshold that is adjustable.
The unit is equipped with Bluetooth which allows connection to your iPhone or Android device and sharing readings over the Internet.
The RD1212-BT displays the Time, Date, Temperature ( F/C ) and Air Pressure in mmHg ( Millimeters of Mercury ) and has a built in Flashlight.
This is the smallest and easiest to carry Geiger Counter I have seen. It fits into a Shirt Pocket or perfectly into my preference, a 110mm x 75mm x 20mm Belt Pouch from China. I carry this Geiger Counter everywhere, you would be surprised at some of the Radioactive things I have found, ( No Dirty Bombs yet ), but I’m doing my part!
I have had numerous interactions with “Dmitry” at this company and he is the best, very responsive!


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