Robinair 15800 VacuMaster Vacuum Pump

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Works fine after 3 uses, but needs more cycles to evaluate reliability.

This pump was purchased for use on my freeze dryer. The longevity/reliability of this product has yet to be evaluated by me as I have only used it for 3 cycles of the freeze dryer. It finishes the cycle fine and quickly. My only issue with it is:
After a cycle is finished, the pump allows air to be drawn through the vacuum hose and into the freeze dryer chamber. The air being sucked back in brings oil with it, so the freeze dryer chamber ends up with oil in it. I do not like that and am installing a brass check valve in my vacuum hose to see if it helps stop the oil from being drawn back into the chamber. NOTE: ( to this point, I have used JBIndustries vacuum pumps and they do not allow the oil/air to be drawn back through when the cycle ends. JBIndustries pumps also last for years with just oil changes as maintenance, so they are reliable) Would I buy again? The check valve and more use will determine!


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