Drupal 8/Upgrade via composer upgrade

1.Put site into maintenance mode: /admin/config/development/maintenance

2.Run this command in the root of the site remove conposer.json on core folder:

rm -rf core/composer.json

  1. Open file : composer.json . add code “drupal/core”: “^8.6” in section “require”

“require”: { “drupal/core”: “^8.6”,}

it will auto pull latest of version 8.6

3.1 . add line below to file composer.json .

composer require commerceguys/intl: ~0.7

composer require composer require twig/twig:1.38.2

4.Run this command in the root of the site:

php72 /bin/composer update drupal/core --with-dependencies

4.1 : Run command line :

composer require drupal/address

5.Go to /update.php (or drush updb) and run the updates.

Note: Backup source code and database.