Thermo Scientific™ Smart ARK™ High-Energy Throughput Multi-Bounce HATR Plates and Accessories


Catalog number Product Size

0031-602 - Trough Plate ZnSe 40°

0031-603 - Trough Plate ZnSe 45°

0031-605 - Trough Plate ZnSe 60°

0031-612 - Trough Plate Ge 40°
031-613 - Trough Plate Ge 45°

0031-615 - Trough Plate Ge 60°

0031-643 - Trough Plate AMTIR 45°

0031-645 - Trough Plate AMTIR 60°

0031-653 - Trough Plate Si 45°

0031-702 - Flat Plate ZnSe 40°

0031-703 - Flat Plate ZnSe 45°

0031-705 - Flat Plate ZnSe 60°

0031-713 - Flat Plate Ge 45°

0031-714 - Flat Plate Ge 30°

0031-715 - Flat Plate Ge 60°

3007-098 - Volatile Cover/Powder Press

0031-250 - Pressure Device


  • Proprietary crystal design allows crystal plates to be changed quickly, without optical realignment
  • Both trough and flat plate style crystal plates are available to suit the specific sample analysis: Trough plate version is optimized for use with liquids, pastes, and gels and the flat plate version is optimized for use with solid films
  • Crystal plates are coated with polytetrafluoroethylene to improve chemical resistivity and prevent discoloration of the plate surface
  • Pressure device has been optimized to reduce breakage of the crystals that can result from too much or uneven pressure
  • Crystal design ensures reproducibility and reliability with every measurement, which is especially critical when transferring analytical methods between laboratories with multiple spectrometers
  • Crystal plates can provide a suitable angle and material that results in an effective pathlength from 0.6 to 45 micrometers
  • Crystal materials are available for samples of almost any pH


Crystal Material: Zinc Selenide (standard), Germanium (optional), Zinc Sulfide (optional), AMTIR (optional)

Angle of Incidence: 45 degree (standard), 30, 40, 50, 55, 60, and 70 degree (optional, depending on material)

Number of Reflections: 12 (with standard 45 degree angle of incidence)

Pathlength: Approximately 12 micrometers

Sample Volume (trough): 1.0 milliliters

Heated Option: Allows sample analysis from ambient to 100° C

Flow-through Option: For automated liquid analysis

Thermal Option

  • Capable of heating samples to temperatures ranging from ambient to 100°C, with an accuracy of ±1° C
  • Includes a set of non-thermally conductive handles that fit on the trough sampling plate
  • Insulated to minimize the radiation of heat to the sample compartment

The Smart ARK is available with a wide variety of crystal types and angles with heated and flow-through options making it extremely versatile for addressing a wide variety of analytical needs.

Recommended for:

  • Liquids
  • Solids
  • Semi-solids
  • Powders
  • Quantitative and qualitative measurements
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Smart Ark Trough Plate ZnSe | 0031-603

Thermo Scientific Smart ARK Trough Plated ZnSe45

Instrument Compatibility Guide

  • Delta ADV

  • Delta plus XL

  • Delta plus

  • Delta V (Plus & Advantage)

  • Delta Plus ADV

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ARK Trough Plate 45° ZnSe | 0055-603

ARK Trough Plated 45° ZnSe

Instrument Compatibility Guide

  • Triton